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Komatsu t030 oil equivalent

10.02.2021 Komatsu t030 oil equivalent

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Following these guidelines will help make this the best resource for heavy equipment on the net. Thanks for joining us and I hope you enjoy your stay!! Welcome to HeavyEquipmentForums. Komatsu drive train fluid suggestions? Spent quite a bit of time today getting to know my dozer. Checked most of the fluid levels. Hydraulic fluid was high, engine oil too high yes we're parked level and drive train fluid was at the add mark.

Any ideas what commonly available tranny fluid meets the spec? Dexron, Mercon? What should I use? John CanfieldMar 18, D6c10KMar 18, MrKomatsuMar 18, The issues now are that engine oils and transmission oils are heading in different directions as far as what they are supposed to do.

Engine oils are getting slicker and may have problems working on frictions and steel reaction plates. My first experience with it was Komatsu internal wet brakes in loaders.Made from premium base stocks blended with unique additives, these oils are designed to provide superior performance in all Komatsu machines. By using Komatsu Genuinefluids and filters, you can assure maximum fluid life and protection, thereby lowering your maintenance costs and long term operating costs.

Many Komatsu Genuine lubricants can also be used in non-Komatsu equipment and gain many of the same benefits. Always consult your machine service and maintenance manual for proper application and change interval. Your Komatsu distributor can provide you with the proper filters and fluids for your equipment, including specialty applications.

It is also designed for use in all prior Komatsu engine models and can replace Tier III and prior engine oil. Some of their features and benefits are: Outstanding level of wear prevention, High-temperature oxidation stability, Piston deposit and soot control, advanced cleanliness control, Lower maintenance cost. Komatsu HO46 - HM Hydraulic Oil is formulated from high quality mineral oils, they contain performance oriented anti-wear, rust, and oxidation inhibitors, and they protect against corrosion and wear in presence of moisture.

Komatsu HO56 - HE hydraulic fluid is premium high viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oil formulated for equipment that utilizes high performance pumps. This fluid is a highly dependable peak efficiency oil which meets the lubricant demands of precision industrial equipment.

With government agencies requiring the use of biodegradable oils in machines for waterway jobs and other applications, we have engineered a biodegradable synthetic hydraulic oil that meets the strict specifications of Komatsu hydraulic systems. Achieve peak machine performance while being environmentally friendly with Genuine Komatsu biodegradable hydraulic oil.

The additive technology is designed to provide noted oxidation stability, anti-wear protection, and mild extreme pressure protection. Komatsu Powertrain Oils provide optimized friction retention for extended clutch life and slippage control under severe high load application. They are for use in Komatsu equipment transmissions, drive trains, swing machinery and hydraulic systems.

Komatsu Automatic Transmission Fluid is a high performance lubricating oil and is recommended for use in all automatic transmissions requiring an Allison C-3 or C-4 fluid. It is made from selected highly refined base stocks coupled with high quality additives designed to reduce wear and improve component life.

Komatsu Hydraulic Oil is formulated from high quality mineral oils, it contains performance oriented anti-wear, rust, and oxidation inhibitors, and protects against corrosion and wear in presence of moisture. Komatsu AXO80 is a mineral based, premium universal tractor transmission oil designed for use in off-road applications as well as agricultural tractors. Special friction modifying additives ensure optimum performance of oil immersed brakes while minimizing brake noise.

It is also suited for hydraulic systems of tractors and ancillary equipment. Its selected additives and high quality base oils provide good low temperature fluidity and wear protection.

Komatsu Gear Lubricants are thermally stable, multipurpose gear lubes having extreme pressure properties to protect hypoid and other gear types from scuffing and wear.

These lubricants are suitable for adding to or filling most differentials and conventional transmissions in equipment, trucks or cars where an API GL-5 type lubricant is specified. Komatsu Hyper Grease G2-TE is the ultimate lubricant for performance challenging on and off highway environments. Not only does Komatsu Hyper Grease G2-TE resist softening and washing out, it grows in tack and adhesion with continued exposure.

In high temperature environments, film strength is increased between metal surfaces, and the affinity for metal surfaces is enhanced.

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This produces a slippery physical barrier of protection. Its environmental impact is reduced by not including Antimony, Barium, Lead, or Chlorinated Compounds. Coolant selection has significant implications. The life of your engine and radiator heavily depends on which coolant you select. It is important to use genuine products to provide long life protection from corrosion, cavitation, and other possible problems. Komatsu Super Coolant is designed with advanced technology which provides superior protection to all parts of the cooling system.

It is specially formulated to meet the high expectations and superior quality standards of Komatsu. It is enhanced with special additives for heavy-duty construction and mining machinery. Komatsu Super Coolant will not cause harm to any parts in the engine system such as hoses, seals, etc.

It does NOT contain nitrites, silicates, or borates which are known to cause harm to various parts in the engine systems and can cause serious engine performance issues such as gelling and deposits.All the details about our movie can be read in text form in our BLOG. Should you have any questions about any of our services, please feel free to get in touch via email, telephone or instantly with our online chat during office hours.

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komatsu t030 oil equivalent

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Komatsu drive train fluid suggestions?

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Though it may seem unnecessary for some to switch to brushless and to an even further extent switching brands, I am not alone. You can argue that we can just use a corded tool if we need longer run times but I hate hunting down power outlets, I hate hauling around an extension and that includes wrapping it, storing it, unwrapping it at the job site, having the extension becoming a trip hazard for me, other workers, and clients, wrapping it up for transport in the vehicle and it being an extra tool taking up valuable space in my vehicle.

A let down to me is where the pack drains quicker than it can be charged. Those occasions in which you are sitting around waiting for the batteries to finish charging (2 battery packs one depleted and one charging).

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I see cordless as the future in power tools. With improvements in battery tech and motor efficiency, one day the cord for many portable power tools will be obsolete. Chris saysAug 10, 2013 at 6:26 amThe 4. A cordless can do great things but if your doing regular work with these tools a Corded wins everything But if you need to switch go got it but the majority of the market is going to stick with what works for them Javier saysAug 10, 2013 at 4:01 pmThe 4.

Under heavy use I would still find myself waiting a bit for the batteries to completely charge. I get it loud and clear about the benefits of corded tools like power, unlimited run time, and cheaper.

Lubricants & Coolants

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komatsu t030 oil equivalent

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komatsu t030 oil equivalent

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